i need some advice on buddy press multiblog on a multisite

hey. Okay. I'm designing my multisite in this way:


In which users will land on the first page --> http://www.intothemythica.com

in which I want to have three different sub-sites which utilize different buddypress themes.

i enabled MULTIBLOG with BUDDYPRESS, because I want to be able to work with buddypress on all the sites.

ultimately, i'm wanting to manage media for the various sites in their own areas as well. need some advice on whether to use multiblog or not

  • Griffin

    yes. it's a question related to the conceptual understanding of BuddyPress functionality.

    I want to have a singular database for 3 different sites, all of which are Buddypress capable.

    The first is a general social network site, which will have it's own theme.
    The second is an academy site, which will have it's own theme,
    and the third is a market site; which also will have it's own theme.

    I wish to understand is buddypress multiblog is necessary for this.

    As well, I wish to understand the nature of the buddypress root blog and the activate & register pages. I wish beings to be able to active and register from ANY OF THE SITES (the Academy, the Social, the Market), and wish to use the main blog (ID_1) as a landing page that leads to the other sites.

    Where should I direct the relevant buddypress pages?

    How do I have a singular database yet have distinction with the various sites (academy/market/social). And what benefits/detriments/necessity is there for using buddypress multiblog?

    I set it up so that I could use buddypress on all the sites; as well as the user sites.

    Vis a vis media, I'm feeling out .. I wish to have common media to all the sites in the multisite (icons, logos, etc.) but also individual databases within the multisite.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Griffin,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question! :slight_smile:

    From your post, you have 3 separate sites all using different databases all that are multisite installs.

    The BP multiblog define, only allows you to see the BuddyPress content on other sites in the same network, as by design BuddyPress only works on the main site.

    It won't actually give you separate instances of BuddyPress per site, if that makes sense? :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • Griffin

    Ultimately, what i'm on about is that. A SINGULAR BUDDYPRESS DATABASE with a number of different front-ends. I would also, however, like to be able to REGISTER on each of the different site themes.

    Btw Jack, You totally rock.

    So, I just want to be clear, right?

    Three or more different sites. Same database. *individually customized register pages *. All connected to the same database, but referencing different themes.

    i'm also curious about restricting the content so that only beings registered can access premium content on each of the sites.

    Example: Mythica social network, site_2. Has it's own distinctive visual branding, relating to the theme of the magickal community.

    Mythica Academy; site_3, has it's own distinctive visual as well; relating to the theme of yogas of consciousness & awareness.

    Timeless Academy - site_8, also has distinctive branding; relating to the themes of new education for children.

    Do I need global BuddyPress to have the *unique* register pages?

    Another question -->

    If content is uploaded to a site and global buddypress is enabled, does that content get saved into the * individual sites * folder or into the folder for the main site where buddypress is installed?

    Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Griffin,

    Hope you're well today! :slight_smile:

    The define will work perfect if you have multiple sub sites on one network with BuddyPress network activated, it makes BuddyPress work network wide, but this means the same BP content shows each site, you won't have unique BP content per site, if that makes sense?

    Then for protection, that could be done using our Protected content plugin on a site by site basis, so each member purchases a separate subscription per sub site.



    Kind Regards

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