I need some advice on restriction problems


I'm having a rather troublesome problem with my website recently. Currently, I'm using a membership plugin on wordpress and other restriction-type plugins, so it is not isolated and specific to just one plugin. The past few weeks have been frustrating because, even with an admin account, I've been locked out of the premium content. I've made dummy accounts with access on specific portals, but they were all restricted and redirected to 'access not cleared' page. Even my customers are reporting the same thing.

So I deduced that the problem must come from the website itself.

I've gone to said developers and they said they had no error whatsoever with their plugins. I've gone to my hosting provider and they said there were no errors with the website and all files were in the right places. I'm baffled.

Went to Fiverr to price quote on the website issue fix just in case and they were billing me at 250$! Could the problem be THAT serious? I need help and advice on this please. I'm limp with helplessness.