I need some direction on a new membership site

I am beginning to layout ideas for a new site that I am building for myself - not a client.
The basic premise of the site will be one where youth baseball players will be able to become a member of the site and build a profile page with some basic info about themselves and show a picture. Then, they will be able to pay for a membership to the site where they will be able to access coaching videos done by former baseball players. They will also need to have the option to pay for additional virtual coaching sessions and videos with specific coaches.

I am wondering what type of theme and what group of your plugins might be best to use in order to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish? Any ideas will be helpful and I realize that the info that I presented here is a little basic and not very detailed.

Thanks for the help.


  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there, Steve!

    What you are describing sounds like a niche social network. First off I think of Buddypress to take care of the profile stuff. Thinking about limiting access to paid customers, I would use our Membership plugin. If you are selling things ad hoc, you might want to have MarketPress for that. And for booking Virtual Coaching sessions I think Appointments+ would be great. Thinking further, you might want to have Events+ as well. How about you start with these and let us know how it goes? Oh and any of our Buddypress themes would be fine.

  • Steveo

    Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking a little along those lines too. I am wondering about Buddypress though. I dabbled with that before and it didn't seem to work too well. What is used on this very site of yours - premium.wpmudev.org? Seems like this is perfect. Each user has their own dashboard, so to speak, but everything isn't entirely public.....Does this site use BP? Certainly, I can tell that whatever was used her has been heavily customized.

    From the coaches perspective - how best do you think the video coaching sessions can work? Coaches would upload videos that can be seen by those that have purchased a coaching session.

    On a similar subject as all this - regarding customizations, is that something you guys can do, or would i have to seek out another developer to do any customizing?

    Thanks again,


  • Steveo

    I have decided to re-open this ticket.
    Regarding the membership site I need to build, I am wondering who I can get to work on customizations for me?
    I will need to have the ability for users to be able to upload short videos for coaching sessions. Then the coaches, which seems like I would need a special role for coaches, would have to be able to critique the videos that are uploaded and offer coaching tips, etc.

    I am not sure if I am describing this site and what our needs are well enough for you to understand what kind of a site I am looking to build. I don't want to get too many bits and pieces in the way of plugins since that might cause some hassles. I am also wondering if the newest version of buddypress is available which would allow buddy press to work with any theme.

    By the way, do you offer the theme and the plugins (and customizations) that were used to build your own premium.wpmudev.org site? Seems like it offers many of the features I would need. How are your profile pages built.

    One word about the user profiles for the site I need to build. They should only be visible to site admins and coaches, not open to other users AT ALL.

    Thanks for the continued help!


  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there,

    For custom development work, we refer people to our jobs board at https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-jobs/. Our focus here is to provide support for our plugins and themes, but we also attract several competent WordPress developers, some even on our staff, who can help you. Hope you can get what you need over there!


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