I need some explanation. I have installed a SP Smush Pro

I need some explanation. I have installed a SP Smush Pro plugin.
Everything is fine, but I can't use the plug-in overtime, because it's too expensive for me.
I need to understand what happen to the image that I have "smushed" with your plug -in when I stop the payment.
I mean, I need to uninstall the plugin?
Or I need to left the plug in installed and use another way to optimize my pictures?
What Happen to my image when they are smushed? The original file change or remaining the same and use a copy of them?
Please help me to understand. I'm a little bit scared for my pictures

  • Vaughan

    Hi enrico,

    Hope you're well?

    Those are very valid concerns, and I can certainly put your mind at ease.

    We do not store your pictures at all, the imagesare sent to our servers which optimizes them, and then they are sent back to your site.

    You donot need to keep the plugin active or anything, once the images are smushed, the smush plugin doesn't touch them again & it certainly isn't required tokeep them smushed.

    Once your subscription expires, the plugin will revert back to the free version of the plugin, you will still be able to smush images, but there is a limit placed with a maximum image size of 8mb. The pro version has an image size limit of 32mb per image.

    Your existing images are perfectly fine.

    there's an option in the pro version to backup the original images, or smush the original images. so if you check that box, your original images will be preserved as backups.

    Hope this helps

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