I need some suggestions for some custom functionality

Hey all! I just signed a new client, and I need to figure out a few bits about the project. I was hoping to have a bit of a discussion about how you all might go about piecing this one together. It could make for a nice creative conversation.

Without giving away the full concept of my client’s website, I am creating a niche social network. This social network is a bit different, because instead of everyone having the same kind of account, I need to figure out how to allow people to sign up as 2 different user types. For the sake of simplicity, I will call them USER-A and USER-B.

First, USER-A and USER-B have to have different information in their profiles.

Second, USER-B should be able to contact USER-A, but USER-A should not be able to contact USER-B directly.

Third, all users can comment on other users’ profiles.

Fourth, ***This one is fairly specific*** … USER-A should have the ability to upload custom posts to their profile for other users to read and comment on. These posts should be associated to this user’s profile only. This user should get notified when a comment is submitted to their own posts.

Fifth, the owner of the website (my client) should be able to submit announcements to all users of the website. This could be email notification, or this could be on an announcement page.

These are items that can be loosely interpreted, and I would love for us to discuss the possibilities of this project. This is by no means a way for me to have my work done for me, however, I acknowledge the power of this community and would love the productive feedback of the wonderful members of this forum.

Thanks so much in advance, and I am looking forward to your suggestions and comments!