I need suggestion for Video Photo sharing website. will


I need suggestion for Video Photo sharing website.

will be single site not multisite.
majorly Videos, will be sliced version of youtube

User frontend to upload video, photo

please suggest some plugin etc.
I have seen few, but may something i missed and you catch.

  • Ajay

    Hi Michelle,

    Thx. I will look into.

    I am in dilemma using BP with social features.
    or simple user profile and able to upload video, photo.
    can set to gallery folder, as all will be public.

    if not found well, planning to create plugin with cpt.

    I do not want to keep social site kind or features.
    do you have any non bp this kind of plugin ref or your advice on this ?

    watch videos, rating, review, comments, flag ( for suspend / abuse content)

    - another issue of selection of video encoding, storage, cdn, etc.
    with unlimited in affordable rates. as mostly are expensive and limited
    bandwidth etc. To handle video site this is major issue,

    could you advice in taking better decision and flow.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hey Ajay!

    The beauty of BuddyPress is that you can turn off any features you don't want. If you left just the Activity Stream, and our plugin, you could turn off groups, forums, friends, private messages, and extended profiles. You could even make the activity stream your front page, so all members would see it first.

    Our Status plugin works in a very similar way to the Activity Stream in BuddyPress, and it allows image/media uploads. It's not the prettiest plugin on the front end, but it can be styled with a little CSS.

    As for hosting, you're in a bit of a pickle because video hosting/streaming is SO expensive. It's understandable, allowing a visitor to view a video is going to take a lot more resources from your server than serving them a page of text and static images. I wouldn't trust a host that was too cheap to keep your site up, and I know some of the high-end prices can give potential customers a heart attack, they're so expensive.

    Have you ever tried Digital Ocean? If you're tech savvy, you can get it set up pretty quickly. If you're not tech savvy, they provide a ton of usage docs. You can build just the configuration you need, and you're only charged for what you use. Their plans are extremely reasonable.

    Hope this helps, Ajay!

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