I need the week to start on Sunday on the big calendar - FAST!

Both myself and the client like the plugin, but a bit of trouble: The client is a Church and the week starts on Monday, not Sunday as it should. I could not find a setting to change this.

Now, I'd expect a church to want the Sunday beginning, but I looked around and much of the rest of the world thinks the week starts on Sunday, too, including the several Chinese restaurant calendars I have. The clincher was your plugin's screenshot #5 on the back end, which also starts on Sunday.

I don't care who's right or wrong -- it's ME if I can't make the change for the client. I can work with PHP, but I don't yet code in it.
Is there an easy fix?

Please? We're meeting with the pastors in 30 hours! I can't be damned for this . . . . :wink: