I need to add more detailed hours to working days


Sorry for my english. I bought the module because, I think this is the best module in this appointment topic for wordpress. What I want to ask is, I want to add working hours with more detail form. Now, I can only add the day with a start and the end hour, and break hours, but my providers work very different.

Here's an example:
Name: anything...
He is a psychologist and working only monday and this is his timetable where the customers can appoint:

8.00-9.30 - 30 minutes break
10.00-11.30 - 30 minutes break
12.00-13.30 - 30 minutes break
14.00-15.30 - 30 minutes break
16.00-17.30 - 30 minutes break

but my next provider working like this:
8.00-9.00 - 15 minutes break
9.15-10.15 - 15 minutes break
10.30-11.30 - 15 minutes break
11.45-12.45 - 15 minutes break
13.30-14.30 - 15 minutes break

and working just the odd weeks monday...

I need to make the above examples.

Could you help me in this problem?

Thank you for your help,