I need to add more than one image to my listings


I’m having so much trouble trying to achieve what should surely be simple for a directory plugin. I need to add multiple images for each listing. I know that CustomPress does not have an image uploader field type (How can this be for something that claims to turn sites into ‘full blown CMS’ ?!).

So thought I’d go back to the inbuilt custompress to see if there was another way, I thought maybe WYSIWYG editor field type would work using the media uploader in there but it seems CustomPress doesn’t even have a WYSIWYG editor option for new fields?

Am I missing something here? Does CustomPress really not have a WYSIWYG field type?

Also is there no number field or email/url field types that automatically validate?

Apologies if I am missing something glaringly obvious here. I love using advanced custom fields it’s so simple and has all of the above options, I just need to use the Directory plugin on this job so want to do it with CustomPress as that’s inbuilt and I can’t seem to get ACF to play with Dorectory plugin on the front end (it all works apart from on the front end edit screen)

Can anyone please advise?