I need to be able to have them login, upload files,

I am building a website for a few photography clients of mine and I need to be able to have them login, upload files, display some images on a page that is private to only their login, and purchase orders. Is this something your site can do?

for example I would user “john doe” to login and be able to upload pictures to his page. I don’t want “jane doe” or anyone else to be able to see it.

I’m just looking to have customers login to the site and place orders, shop, etc., but I need them to be able to to add a few pictures to a page that is specific to them.

They will be ordering an editing service and want to display their before and after examples on their page only.

  • Ken Kimbrell
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Shannon, Our site could certainly help you with the increased functionality for your site, however I do not think we have one specific plugin that is going to help replicate your exact desired scope for your project. You can try doing some research on premium themes available that are specifically related to your scope and then from there our site can provide more custom functionality and increase the limitations that your theme may have. You would definitely want to look into a theme that offers some form of frontend submission. There are plugins available in the repository that offer this line of functionality but it is extremely limited. Sounds like you are wanting almost like a private profile buidler, simliar to this:

    User Registration & User Profile – Profile Builder

    Then the member can set visibility restrictions on information uploaded.

    You can also look into BuddyPress, as they have a massive social platform with an absolute insane amount of add-ons available VIA the wordpress repository.

    Let us know how we can help!

    Take Care,

    Ken – WPMU DEV Support

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