I need to embed a wiki into a WordPress install.

I’ve been running a website based on a MediaWiki install now for about 8 years. After setting up a WordPress website for a business, I got to like the WordPress look and feel. I’d like to try to incorporate it into my own site.

I paid for the WPMU Wiki Pro plugin, hoping I could migrate completely from MediaWiki to WordPress, but after getting everything installed, I’ve realized it’s just not feasible to migrate some 3000+ wiki pages to WordPress. So I’m hoping there might be a way to embed the wiki into my WordPress install, both as a SSO site, and so that the wiki can be viewed either as a “page”, or merging the wiki even closer so each wiki-page would be a WordPress-page.

I did some searches on the web and this seems to be a common idea, but no one seems to have an answer.