I need to group Albums and Songs together into product groups for an independent music website.

I posted this elsewhere and am new to WPMUDEV so my appologies if this winds up being a double post.

I had looked at Music Store and it functioned, from a display standpoint, very much like what I am after but I did not have teh confidence that the backend would be robust enough for my needs.

I am impressed with WPMUDEV as a whole and would like to use it as a primary resource.

So, now that you are all buttered up ;o)

I am using Genesis as the foundation for custom themes that I write. I want to use Marketpress as the foundation for an independent music client and having trouble figuring out if there is a way, out of the box, to handle grouping albums and individual songs.

I thought I had seen an extension for about $50 that would do this but have been unable to relocate it. My preference is to use existing tools but if I have to I will write an extension to handle the grouping and display.

Can anyone please help with any recommendations that might get me where I need to go.