I need to hire you or someone to customize BP Group Calendar please!

I am using this plugin in my Buddypress Groups

I have a WP MU website and would like to have my Blog Site owners also be able to create Events.
I would like to use the same Plugin for both BP Groups and MU Blogs so there is continuity.

The Events Plus Plugin I believe is too complicated to Admin for the average novice user my site encounters and the BP Group Calendar is much easier with less setup config options for novices.
However, I would like additional functionality added for example letting visitors RSVP to the listed Event and the Admin being able to see and email the list of RSVP'd attendees,
Having Events post to a Blog Page with a Google Map of it embeded in the post, and one or two other things.

The attached image shows how a Blog Post of an event would appear.

Please let me know if there is someone I can hire to do this.
I want to get this job done asap. Thank you!