I need to import my girlfriends website,

I need to import my girlfriends website, Alzheimerscareconsultants.com, to WP as well as her blog. Keep the same format and theme. She's with godaddy for her server. What is the easiest way to do this?

  • pxwm

    Hi @owenthho@comcast.net

    As long as you have access to the cPanel you should be able to select an option to download the Home directory and database as two compressed files.
    Then you can move the domain name (or just change the nameservers) so that they point to the new server and setup a cPanel on the server that it is being imported to,

    Then you may need to change the name of the database to match that of the new server's account name, e.g. accountname_sitename, where sitename should be the same as before. You will have to unzip the .sql.gz backup, edit it in a text editor, and find/replace these name references, before rezipping it under the new name. In addition, you will have to change the database name in wp-config.php in the home directory backup to match this.

    Then you should be able to 'restore' the files through backup/restore in your new cPanel, which will recreate the Wordpress installation on your new server.

    Hope this helps


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    As Steve said. :slight_smile:

    I don't know the setup of their cPanel but if they have the backup option enabled, you can simply back and import to a new cPanel.

    This keeps the website, DNS, emails, etc. You then need only change the nameservers of the domain for the new host.

    That would be the quickest way.

    If not, then it's simply a process of moving the files to the new host, and the DB. Creating the new DB to import into (ensure they match your wp-config.php). And the nameservers again.

    It's not that complicated. More information here:


    Take care.

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