I need to know how to get pro-sites integrated with all of your other great plugins


Please could you point me in the direction of any tutorials, that explain how to integrate pro-sites, membership, domain-mapping and other relevant plugins.

It seems instruction like tis is quite "spotty".

Thanks once again.

  • Zyniker

    How you integrate these plugins depends heavily on what you want to accomplish. Additionally, they serve very different purposes. Pro Sites is for selling upgrades (e.g., extra space, "premium" plugins, and "premium" themes) on a WordPress MultiSite install; membership is used for controlling access to content on a particular site; and Domain Mapping (and Multi-Domains) are used for extending your network across multiple domains.

    e.g., you could create a network on which you sell upgrades, and then allow only certain levels within Pro Sites to access domain-mapping functionality and the Membership plugin.

  • PC

    Hey there Sonny,

    Thanks for your post.

    @Zyniker is spot on. The integration depends on what you want to achieve. There is no direct integration in Pro Sites and Membership plugins as they are used to serve different purpose.

    Domain mapping integrates with Pro Sites out of the box where you can control what all levels can use the domain mapping plugin and so on.

    Any plugins which you use on your site can be controlled by Pro Sites so as you can define what Pro Site level can access what plugins/themes.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to keep the discussion on so that we can assist accordingly :slight_smile:

    Cheers, PC

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