I need to make sure my 'subscription' is set to serial


Another from the community asked this question:

Trying to setup AUTOMATIC paypal charge, not reminder, within memberships premium plugin.

Right now it looks like they will be INVOICED every month by PayPal for $8.99. I don't want that. I want PayPal to automatically charge the member's account without having the member approve it.

I have the IPN set up, what else do I need to do so that every month, my members are automatically CHARGED, not billed then wait for them to confirm charge.


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In membership > subscriptions > make sure the subscription type is serial.

It'll automatically re-charge their account for the period of time you set, such as one month.

Any issues, let us know.

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I want to make sure that I have the same - automatically payment/re-charge every month until members cancel their membership.

But I can't find the 'Membership -> subscription Jack talks about to make sure it's set to serial. In fact I don't have a thing called 'Membership' in my admin panel.

Can you help me? Im using Pro sites if necessary to know?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: