I need to make the Name, email address and tel. no. fields a requirement

Site is: appt.sosreminderpro.com

On the "Please click here to confirm this appointment" form I need pop-ups that say: Something wrong about the submitted email
Please fill in the requested field. A good example is:

  • Alexander

    Hi @Ronald,

    Sure, this Just go to Appointments+ -> Settings and look in the Display Settings panel. From there you can choose which fields you wish to be required from the client.

    When a field is required, it will automatically get a popup warning the user that something is wrong should they try to submit it as blank.

    Do you not get the pop up on your site? I took a look at the page you linked, but it's showing "Not Found"

    Just let me know if I can be of any further assistance here!

    Best regards,

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