I need to understand how it works ...

First : My config ^^ :slight_smile:

last WP
with last Dynamik Gen theme & Genesis
Last directory version.

The plugin create 3 pages :
My listings

but ... Virtual page. Editing this page won't change anything. ...
i don't understand why ...
so i create a new page : "directory" where i past the shortcode to see all categories and subcategories list GRID and i see my categories on mysite.tld/directory/
i make an entry in the directory, i see her in his subcat with (1).

When i click on a category i go to mysite.tld/listings-category/mycat1/
(IMO, very bad SEO point ... going directly to another "subroot" folder from a root folder /directory/ --> /listings-category/mycat1/ ... would be much better and logical --> /directory/mycat1 ^^ )

well ...
the /listings-category/mycat1/ is empty then i see :
Not Found
Apologies, but no results were found for the requested directory. Perhaps searching will help find a related listing. + form search.
would be useful to see : "If you have this type of business, Be the first to list your business here" too :wink:

ok i'm back to the categories list
i click on the cat where i have a subcats with one entrie
i am on site.tld/listings-category/mycat2/ (better if was site.tld/directory/mycat2 ^^)
instead of seeing a list of all my subcategories (would be so logical^^)
i see my entrie of my subcat ... :disappointed: with all the datas :
his title/description (More info...)
Posted on 20 noviembre, 2012 by admin (i wish to leave the link on the date, it's useless, the month appear in spanish ^^)
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but, on this page i would just like to see all my subcats list ... and entries IF i have entries in THIS Category ^^ not entries of subcats ...

well ...
If i click on the title of this entrie im going to :
site.tld/listing/entrie1/ and i get a BLANK page ... O_o WHY ?

I look forward to reading your answers and advice