I need to use an anchor point for page that is too long?

Sorry to do this but I couldn’t find my original support ticket, it isn’t in the list that I have on my dashboard, so I am resubmitting it with your response to advise you that I would like to use your suggestion however I need help with the code for this. The person who responded is Ashok.

Hi, I am hoping you can help me. My now you probably know I am a designer not a developer so when comes to code I have trouble. Basically I have page that is long and want to make sure visitors know to scroll or click to see all the content. The url is http://www.uych.vic.edu.au/first-aid/ and as you will see the this page has 3 courses so it is too long. Do you have any suggestions on how to ensure the visitor knows that there is more content?

cheers Kinnear

Hello @kinnear

I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

Well, how’s about putting three boxes horizontally at the top of three courses, just below the menu and link to the corresponding courses? So, clicking on those boxes will scroll down the page to the course. What do you think?



cheers Kinnear