I needed a repository for downloads, Tyle Postle came up

I needed a repository for downloads, Tyler Postle came up with the idea of using Marketpress (It is perfect by the way, thank you Tyler)
I am however having a small issue, I wanted to remove pricing from products entirely (Not needed for this purpose)
Tyler suggested adding some custom CSS to a custom CSS plugin

.mp_grid .mp_price_buy .mp_product_price {
display: none !important;

I added that but all it does is remove the price from the grid but not the actual product page, example -
It is the last of the problems i am having, and having searched, that CSS above is the common answer.

Keep in mind here i am dumb as dog sh*t and it has taken me the last few days to actually theme it very basically to fit with my site (I am no developer hahaha)

One other tiny issue
How do i remove that 1/1 in the top corner of product images ?

Cheers for any help