I network activated it, then realizing I needed site

I network activated it, then realizing I needed site by site setup, I deactivated it and activated it on the first site I needed. Unfortunately, it's NOWHERE in the dashboard for the site. How do I find it?

  • PC
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    Hey there @mightygeeks

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    I just tried it on my lab site. This is the test case.

    Installed Easy Bloging
    Activated it on a subsite
    Easyblogging setup is not available for that site in the dashboard but I can switch to easy mode using the admin toolbar "Activate Easy mode" button.

    It seems to me like a bug where the plugin menu is not appearing or may be its designed as such for network admin according to Pro Sites integration.

    I have asked our lead developer to chime in to this thread and provide his feedback about the same so if its a bug, we can fix it asap !

    He should be here soon.

    Cheers, PC

  • mightygeeks
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    Well, that's unfortunate because it's not what the documentation said. Yet another WPMUDev plugin I can't use one I start working with it. :slight_frown:

    Am I going crazy or did you guys just change the usage tab to reflect that it must be network activated on multisite? I spent hours on this yesterday and I know it said you could activate site by site. If you do change documentation in the future due to someone's support request, please make sure you let them know in the response feed so they don't think they're going crazy.

    I'm not very happy with this whole issue...

  • PC
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    Hey there mightygeeks,

    Thanks for posting back and sorry for all the confusion. The usage was updated after Vlad confirmed it :

    On multisite, the plugin will behave as if it was network activated. In a multisite environment, it should actually be network activated.

    We however discussed if we could change this functionality in future to allow Easy blogging to be site by site activated or if not possible, it should only appear in the Network admin >> plugins menu and not in the subsite admin.

    Sorry for any issues this caused. We will note that down and will pass this on to the docs team to update the thread if the documentation is updated.

    Cheers, PC

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