I noticed a small mistake in one of the e-Newsletter Plugin admin pages.

The columns for the Bounced and Opened Newsletters under the 5 Latest News Letters section of the admin area are labeled incorrectly.

The Opened and Bounced columns appear to be reversed.

Just thought I'd let you know!


  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hey Frank,

    Thanks for the information.

    I was just testing this with just me in the list, opened the message and the counter for the open messages increased.

    How did you notice this, and can you create a campaign with just one e-mail so we can track this problem?
    It might be something specific for your install.

    Have a nice weekend!

  • Frank
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Ivan!

    Actually, it's happening on every installation of the eNewsletter Plugin, not just this one specific website, I use it for a few clients websites as well as personal websites.

    The two columns (Opened & Bounced) that are incorrectly labeled are on the Reports Page in the Plugin admin area. Everywhere else it is correct, it's only under the 5 Latest Newsletter section of the Admin pages that the columns are reversed.

    The plugin is working perfectly, it's only that those two specific columns, on the Reports page are labeled incorrectly.

    I noticed this a while back, I just didn't get around to reporting it until today. I thought it may cause some confusion for anyone that was working with the plugin for the first time.... it kind of fooled me the first time I noticed it but I quickly realized that it was just the titles at the top of each column...

    Thanks for your quick response, I hope this information helps!

    Cheers Ivan!

  • Frank
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Ivan,

    thanks for the rep points! Much appreciated!

    It's good to have and give support, WPMU DEV has been and continues to be one of my greatest resources for developing client websites.

    Keep up the amazing work!


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