I noticed, not sure when exactly unfortunately, that

Hi, I noticed, not sure when exactly unfortunately, that the admin menu for a plugin I have is gone. I'm not sure if its the update of another plugin but I tested it on another clean wp3.61 install and it works fine.

What should I do? I have an MU install and tons of plugins. Some are network activated and some are activated ONLY for some pro sites. Deactivating them all is a crazy long and I think dangerous solution. Any other suggestions?

The code for the menu is (in case this helps):

add_action('admin_menu', 'email_menu');
function email_menu() {
if (function_exists('add_menu_page')) {
add_menu_page(__('Send Video by Email', 'wp-email'), __('Send Video by Email', 'wp-email'), 'manage_email', 'wp-email/email-manager.php', '', plugins_url('wp-email/images/email_famfamfam.png'));
if (function_exists('add_submenu_page')) {
add_submenu_page('wp-email/email-manager.php', __('Manage E-Mail', 'wp-email'), __('Manage E-Mail', 'wp-email'), 'manage_email', 'wp-email/email-manager.php');
add_submenu_page('wp-email/email-manager.php', __('E-Mail Options', 'wp-email'), __('E-Mail Options', 'wp-email'), 'manage_email', 'wp-email/email-options.php');
//stefano add_submenu_page('wp-email/email-manager.php', __('Uninstall WP-EMail', 'wp-email'), __('Uninstall WP-EMail', 'wp-email'), 'manage_email', 'wp-email/email-uninstall.php');