I noticed, not sure when exactly unfortunately, that

Hi, I noticed, not sure when exactly unfortunately, that the admin menu for a plugin I have is gone. I'm not sure if its the update of another plugin but I tested it on another clean wp3.61 install and it works fine.

What should I do? I have an MU install and tons of plugins. Some are network activated and some are activated ONLY for some pro sites. Deactivating them all is a crazy long and I think dangerous solution. Any other suggestions?

The code for the menu is (in case this helps):

add_action('admin_menu', 'email_menu');
function email_menu() {
if (function_exists('add_menu_page')) {
add_menu_page(__('Send Video by Email', 'wp-email'), __('Send Video by Email', 'wp-email'), 'manage_email', 'wp-email/email-manager.php', '', plugins_url('wp-email/images/email_famfamfam.png'));
if (function_exists('add_submenu_page')) {
add_submenu_page('wp-email/email-manager.php', __('Manage E-Mail', 'wp-email'), __('Manage E-Mail', 'wp-email'), 'manage_email', 'wp-email/email-manager.php');
add_submenu_page('wp-email/email-manager.php', __('E-Mail Options', 'wp-email'), __('E-Mail Options', 'wp-email'), 'manage_email', 'wp-email/email-options.php');
//stefano add_submenu_page('wp-email/email-manager.php', __('Uninstall WP-EMail', 'wp-email'), __('Uninstall WP-EMail', 'wp-email'), 'manage_email', 'wp-email/email-uninstall.php');

  • Jeff

    :slight_smile: Ari thanks for the answer.

    Yes definitely activated. The plugin works fine infact, just the menu item isn't visible.

    Did some checking around: it shows up when "Easy Blogging" is activated. In fact I created a link in EB to the plugin so user deciding to use EB could still access the plugin menu.

    So the issue is, the menu item is NOT showing up in Admin (I tried various roles too, Super admin and Admin). I'll try Editor contributor etc now to see if its a capabilities issue.

  • Jeff

    OH MY GOD!

    I just discovered the hard way: if you move your plugins into a directory called plugins.deactivated for example to test deactivating all plugins and then testing them one by one.

    The biggest problem: when you move all the plugins BACK to plugins EVERY SINGLE plugin is DEACTIVATED!!!!

    Now all my plugins are deactivated and I have NO IDEA which plugin was activated, which was deactivated, which was PRO site, which was Network.


  • Jeff

    Not sure what you mean by go to the plugins menu.

    Originally, I moved all plugins to another folder plugins.deactivated and left only wp-email whose menu is done from admin to see if another plugin was conflicting.

    Obviously I need to go to plugins to activate the wp-email plugin.

    Which btw I did and the menu still wash't showing up! So the issue after all this is not a conflicting plugin.

    I then moved back all the other plugins and that is when THEY ALL SHOWED UP DEACTIVATED.

    They are still deactivated for network and subsites. I just activated wpmu dashboard to get easy access to this support.

  • Jeff

    Mysteries of wp. The admin menu for the plugin is now back (fixed). I reactivated the plugins I could remember as network.

    The plugins are a serious issue. I brought it up several times in my posts here and even presented a fix to Pro Sites. I find it strange no one else has this problem - and if hey do how they fix it.

    From the replies to this post (as with my previous ones) I suppose no one really cares. I must be managing my wpmu install incorrectly. If so, please do advise because its growing and things like this should not be happening.


  • aristath

    If WordPress detects that an activated plugin is not present, then it deactivates it.
    This check however only occurs when visiting the plugins menu on the dashboard.
    Moving or renaming the plugins folder should only be done when there is a fatal error that you can't figure out. And even then, you should not visit the plugins menu. You should just move the plugins back to the plugins folder one by one until the conflict is detected.

    From the replies to this post (as with my previous ones) I suppose no one really cares.

    Please keep in mind that we all live in different timezones, so we can't always reply on your timezone... sometimes a slight delay is to be expected.


  • Jeff

    Thanks for the answer and a "way" to deal with it. The issue remains that there is no practical way to deal with plugin testing and conflicts.

    From the replies to this post (as with my previous ones) I suppose no one really cares.

    This above statement I wrote does not mean what you wrote Ari. It means that people are not generally concerned with the issue of plugins conflicting and dealing with them in a practical manner. It has literally nothing to do with timezones.

    Thanks and I think we can close the subject unless someone has constructive tips to add. As I said, even in my previous posts (not related to this one) no one suggested anything, so I made critical changes to the PRO SITES plugin and offered them to the author. I think he appreciated them because he gave me some points but didn't implement the changes. These changes allowed a superadmin to deactivate and reactivate all plugins only for a specific level of user.

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