I purchased the Stark Responsive Theme from Themeforest but

I purchased the Stark Responsive Theme from Themeforest but having real issues getting the Events+ to work correctly, and is seriously frustrating me. Why does this plugin have to use theme templates?? Why can't it use the Page I want the plugin to display on? Like choose a "page" instead of a "template" in the events Appearance Settings. My theme, and many others, build Page Options so using a theme makes it impossible to change these options.
I don't know how to get this to not use the archive/single template so I can use page options. Here's my site: http://www.chaptersites.com/theme1/calendar/
I can't get the page to not say Archives as the page title. The breadcrumbs on the right dont work correctly. The excerpt is messed up. Both on the archive and single template pages I want to use a custom sidebar from my page options but the appearance setting overrides everything.
I have no idea how to make this work correctly. I didn't expect to have to do a bunch of custom coding just to get this to work. Please help. I can provide ftp if you want also.

  • Vaughan


    I didn't expect to have to do a bunch of custom coding just to get this to work

    then you must be kinda new to wordpress.

    if you don't want to use the plugin page templates, then you can actually just use the shortcodes and place them in any page you want.

    for instance.

    place this in a page and it will create an archive list of events.

    [eab_archive lookahead="1" limit="10" paged="1" page="1" order="DESC"]

    will show on a monthy basis 10 events per page in descending order.

    also in the dashboard > events > settings

    default appearance.

    if you tick the override default appearance checkbox you can select the front page template of your theme which is usually archive. & it will use that (it doesn't always work depending on the theme)

    also we can't guarantee that our plugins will work with every single theme ever made, especially themes that have custom functionality & don't use standard wordpress functions.

    Your theme is what is putting the archives text in, not the plugin.

    not sure why you get that fatal error. but looks like your theme may not do standard excerpts.

    can you send your details using the following contact form (select i have a different question from the dropdown.


    mark for my attention.
    include a ref to this thread.

    please include site login details (super-admin if on multisite)

    FTP login details.


  • Jarel

    On this example event: http://www.chaptersites.com/theme1/calendar/2013/11/this-is-your-first-event/ where is says the time and place of the event along with those little icons. I see this function that pulls the info <?php echo Eab_Template::get_event_details($event); ?>

    However I want to customize this. Something more like the main calendar page theme here: http://www.chaptersites.com/theme1/calendar/ I want to display the individual information inside the get_event_details function.

    I tried this:

    <div class="day"><?php echo date("d", $event->get_start_timestamp()); ?></div>
    <div class="month"><?php echo date("M", $event->get_start_timestamp()); ?></div>

    But it still doesn't display the event start date correctly.

    Im trying to echo specifically the month and day, ie. <div>Nov</div><div>9</div>

    Also on the main calendar page Im trying to list the events in desc order and not display events in the past. Right now the event "This is your first event!" is showing the date as Nov 9 when it should be Nov 1, but should not display anyways because this sample event is in the past.

    And on another side note, I am trying to display the iCal button on the event detail page but cant find the function to do this?

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