I purchased your upgrade and wanting to know if you can


I purchased your upgrade and wanting to know if you can help point me in the right direction. I have one domain name and want my site to be seen by other languages around the world. For example if someone types in French on Google.fr in Francois I want my site to show up and seen in French.

I need to be able to guide my developer on how to do this can you offer a suggestion of the best plugin out there to add to my site on http://www.WPMUDEV.org or any ideas do u offer this plugin or script whatever it is ?

Please see below for exactly what I am looking for thanks :slight_smile:


1. I don't want extra domains
2. I want to increase reach and decrease costs
3. Getting your message to your site visitor in the most convenient way is the main reason to have a multi language site, why not remove that need to click over to their desired language with an automatic browser detection.
so instead of having.fr or .de or.it u have one with language redirect based on IP
and each language is its own page with 5 advertising slots for the country and language.