I read

I read https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wpmu-dev-dashboard/#usage
Downloaded WPMU DEV Dashboard and now have Google + on my dashboard, the target is my home page ~ http://www.latexworkshops.com/site/ BUT the range of statistics seems very limited and it hasn't changed from No visits for several days.
In my PLUGINS it shows Google Analytics Dashboard for WP This plugin will display Google Analytics data and statistics into Admin Dashboard
Settings | Deactivate | Edit Version 4.2.6 | By Alin Marcu | Visit plugin site
Tempted to visit plugin site but http://deconf.com/ wants me to join which normally means pay money.
Why doesn't WP make thing straight forward and stop trying to sell things everywhere. :slight_frown:
Please would you help make WP google analytics + work.

Thank you