i read and saw membership videos but not clear to me

Hi, i read and saw membership videos but not clear to me the differences between subscriptions member levels. can you pls tell me in my situation which would be which ?
I need verify all subscribers as my site is focused in a particular set of users. so we need to trick the membership such way that I can verify them but still charge them.

Free - access to free content - Stranger ----
Level 1 - Moderation access - Limited access to Sample Page only until moderator grant full access.
Level 2 - Free Trial Access - once access is grant. (15 days)

Upgrade to premium - If they wish the upgrade trial to premium imediatelly, we need a button everywhere.(I need need instructions to setup the botton myself)
Level 3 - Editor - for contributors who make posts to the website.

  • Vinod Dalvi
    • WP Unicorn

    Hi @bruno,

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    Here are the details and difference between the Membership subscriptions plans and Membership access levels.

    Membership subscriptions plan:
    This is where you manage the available subscriptions on your site. Subscriptions control which level a user is on at any point during their membership, and how much they are charged. In order for a subscription to be visible (and selectable) to a potential member they must be Active and Public.

    Membership access levels:
    This is where you manage the access levels of your site. It's recommended that you create a basic 'free users' access level, for site visitors who aren't yet paying members. You can then create as many more access levels as you wish. Use the drag and drop controls to choose which content becomes available at each level.

    You will find more information about it in the following Membership manual PDF file on line number 42 and 58.


    Using the above information provided just create access levels and subscriptions plans for each level configuring appropriate periods and price in subscription plans.

    For providing free initial trials to registered users, create a subscription plan for it and set it to the membership option "Default subscription for registered users" on the following path.

    Admin Area -> Membership -> Options -> General

    If you want to assign specific user role like Editor to the users having specific access levels then you can assign it by associating the uer role to access level using "Associated Role" option of access level displayed in the Advanced( both ) rules section.

    we need a button everywhere.(I need need instructions to setup the botton myself)

    You can create a button using the following shortcode.

    [subscriptionbutton subscription="2"]

    Replace the number with the ID of the subscription.

    Find more information about it on the following page.


    Please advise if you have more questions.

    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • bruno
    • Flash Drive

    I am almost there.

    Just need to enable moderation in my settings.. ca nyou clarify how to enable moderation ?

    1) Free users –trial 7 days then subscription. (I have 2 types of users: Student / Professional)
    2) During registration users have to answer a xprofile field that tells me if they are Student / Professional
    3) Moderate users – I need approve the new user or I need review all new users
    4) While they are “approval pending” I need give them something to entertain = access to 1 or 2 pages.
    5) User need have the password he set during registration. = Currently The password that user typed during wp registration is not the one WP send to his email. (WP is sending another password – not sure from where)
    6) When an approved user make the login, need to be redirected to the proper URL – (logged users)
    7) No email verification on registration
    8) Main difference between Student and Professional is the membership fee.
    9) User need to get email notification when they have their account in moderation
    10) User need to get email notification when they have their user request approved
    Right now:
    a) Moderation is not happening. I am able to put moderation if I use another plugin but not ideal. I want moderate from memberships plugin. How I can enable moderation with my settings ?
    b) User is been redirected to “Logged user page” just after finish registration. With no moderation. This is giving them full access without my approval. Ideal is to have a “sample page” = gray area where users in moderation status are directed to. Once they are approved, then it’s correct to be redirected to the “Logged user page”
    c) Because there is no moderation (item a) users get activated just be filling the WP register form, my system can be exploit by robots. (all users are getting WP subscriber role as default)
    d)they are automatically assigned to one of the memberships (student premium) or (medical professional). Will this be enough to have the membership screen appearing when their time expire ?(7 days). – I have placed 1 day for my tests, would be good to have 1 hour.

    I have attached all my settings

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @bruno, my apologies for the extreme delay here!

    a): In this case, you'll need to use the other plugin you mentioned in order to enable moderation, since the registration process works like this:

    Go to Register page -> Choose subscription -> Fill out registration details -> Pay for subscription (won't get access to the subscription until they do) -> Registration complete (access to content is granted)

    d): Looking at your settings, new users will only be assigned to the first subscription on your site (that being the "Free - Student (7 days)" subscription).

    In order to have a more flexible trial system, you'd be looking more towards our Protected Content plugin (though I should note that integration with BuddyPress's xprofile fields is still under development):


    Kind Regards,

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