I read from this


I read from this blog: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/network-of-multisite-networks/, it detailed how we can use WP-Multi-Network plugin to create sub-networks in Multisite. I followed the instruction accordingly but encountered the following problems:

1. After creating the new network using the plugin, I do not get the 'Assign sites' as described in the last section of the above blog. See my screenshot attached.
2. The newly created network does not allow for registration of new sites. So I try to go to the Admin Network Dashboard of the new site and to go to settings to make changes to allow for new site registration. However, it does not open up the setting page but gives a 404 error. I noticed that the URL displayed was as follows: http://passion-apps.com//secnetworkwp-admin/network/settings.php. It combined the name of the new site 'secnetwork' with the 'wp-admin' automatically. I guess that's why there's a 404 error.

I know the WP-multi-network is not a plugin of WPMUDEV. But I would really appreciate if someone can enlighten me how I can solve the problems encountered. I read that there is a WPMUDEV plugin 'Multi Domains'. Can take be used instead to achieve the objective of having multi-networks but same universal list of users?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards