I realize Magazine doesn't allow for custom menus

I realize Magazine doesn't allow for custom menus and I'm figuring out how to work with that... I'm using the menu widget on the sidebar to link back to my main site and that's working fine but I'd still like to make a couple of minor changes if I can to the site header and main nav bar...
1. I would like to make the site logo (just above the main nav bar) into a link to the main site. I've tried opening the image in the media panel and inserting a link there but it's not working. Can I do this on a code level somewhere?
2. there is a menu item on the nav bar that is called "magazine" which is the location of the dropdown for all of my posts - could I change the name to something more suitable for my site?
3. a forum was part of the theme and I'd like to use it but don't understand why it doesn't show up on the nav bar. I do have a link to it as a widget on the sidebar but I'd like it to be on the main nav bar if possible.