I really need a way to charge shipping for a bundled product that has both a digital and physical it

Okay I couldn't find this exactly in the forums, hence a new post.

What I really really need is a way to have bundles for Marketpress that contain BOTH physical AND digital products (for example, a physical book and it's ebook version). I really need is a way to be able to charge shipping for such a bundle, even though it has a digital product in it, because it also has the physical product that has to be shipped.

Currently if I have a bundle that has both a digital and physical product it won't charge shipping at all, so I lose money on every sale of that type! Not cool... :slight_frown: Currently I have the physical product and digital products as separate products AND I have a third product for the bundle, but it still won't let me have free shipping on digital ONLY products while charging shipping for bundles that are digital and physical.

My situation is specifically related to international orders, because I give free shipping in the US for all orders. But I want to charge an extra $5 for shipping for all international orders. This works just fine if people only order a physical product. But if they order the bundle of physical and digital then no shipping is charged at all.

I want to have the bundle because I offer the bundle at a lower price than if the items were purchased separately. I know this type of feature was requested more than a year ago, but I can't seem to find any indication that it is being developed or will be developed...

Is there a way to achieve my goal of being able to charge shipping for a product bundle that has both a physical and digital product, while having no shipping charges for digital-only products?

Thank you!