I really need my sub sites to have the features of Buddy

I really need my sub sites to have the features of Buddy Press.
I used bp_multi_network and it will allow me to set up BP in the sub sites, but the links still go to the main site.
I tried setting up the sub-sites with the other plug ins and seem to have no luck creating a network style template.
To get the sales network sites, am I going to have to do separate installs of WP and BP? Is there a trick to do it under the multi network?

Secondly, when I add new users there is no place to add the password and the email that is sent says the password has been user selected.

I installed the membership plug in and Network Activated it and it still shows on all sub sites. Is that normal?

  • Alexander
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    I've taken a look at this, and it looks like bp-multi-network is dependent on Wordpress being "multi-network" It's essentially multi-multi-site.

    Do you have this setup already? After a bit of research it seems that this is the primary reason for people experiencing the links all pointing to the main site.

    Here are some links for plugins to help.

    Anyways, I just wanted to get a quick response out for this. I haven't used these plugins before, but I'm hoping it might be the missing piece here. Let me know if this helps you, or if we need to look at other options, if needed I can do a little more in depth research.

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann

  • Richard
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    I did try the wp_multi_network. It did install and work, but it seemed to only like top level domain names. I will test it again.
    The network+ however, I did not test because it costs $26. Worth every penny to me if it works. I have not taken that risk yet. I may have too.

    I really don't need sites under the sub sites,. I just need the BuddyPress features in my sub sites. I can get BP to install, it just won't disconnect from the main site.

    I will update again after testing.

  • Richard
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    Here's and update for you. The Network+ mentioned above worked great.
    I am very impressed with it and the support was excellent. Worth the $26 I paid.
    It resolved my issue and then some.
    The one thing to be aware of is that the "My Sites" link includes the sub networks. They appear as sites so when switching to the sub networks can get confusing. You have to pay attention to where you are.
    Also the plug ins in the top main network appear in the sub networks but you can still install plugins in the sub networks "Network Admin" dashboard. It takes a little concentration to keep this straight late at night.
    I used the Ultimate branding plug in to assign a different logo and title button tot he admin dashboard of each sub network. That way I can easily see where I am. If I had not It would have just been the WP logo and My Sites buttons on all sites.

    Thanks foe the help

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