I really want to support e-newsletter, but its just so bad

Ive used E-Newsletter plugin many times, but since about 5 or 6 versions ago, i have been unable to use the plugin at all. The last email that actually sent was 2014-08-04. Since then I have been updating the plugin religiously hoping that it would just start working.

Firstly, I have problems creating and editing the newsletter.
When I make some changes, if i don't save before the preview updates, I get the error "Cheatin' uh?" (Wordpress exit screen message) and all my changes are lost.
It basically makes the process, which should be easy, EXTREMELY frustrating. I cannot describe how horrible it is to create and edit a letter.

Secondly, after I have just spent the last 6 hours trying to make a newsletter that should have taken 5 minutes, I go to send it out to 2200 people, and when I click SEND, it takes me to a white screen. Only option is to go back, then weep in to me keyboard.

I've hit a wall with this plugin. I have tried to track down the problem myself, but can't figure it out.
I have tried disabling all other plugins, which I have to do at midnight because we get 300 visitors a day during day hours, to no avail.

The only thing I have yet to try is the uninstall button in the settings. But I'm so dreadfully afraid that when I import my 2200 users back in, I will be effectively sending out emails to people who have already unsubscribed. And that is TOTALLY illegal in New Zealand. We have anti-spam laws here where people can get in serious trouble.

What do I want from WPMUDEV?

I DO NOT WANT a help desk jockey to ask me for a login/pass to the site. I gave it out once before and they crashed my server trying to 'fix it'. Not to mention I serve 150,000 pages a day across the network and if anything were to happen to the anything, I would lost out on my income and prob default on mortgage payments for a month or two.

I DO NOT WANT to be referred to an answer on another thread, because trust me, I have been searching FAR and WIDE for a working answer for months.

As a paying and long time member, I demand a head developer to contact me directly either here or via Skype.

This plugin has some huge problems which need fixing.
I feel this plugin does NOT need to use the customize feature of Wordpress. Just give us the option to use a custom post type and show us a normal page to edit on.

Some server stuff if you require it.
CentOS x64
Dedicated Server
Wordpress 4.1
All plugins are up to date.

  • Jude

    Hi there Jamin,

    Im really sorry your experience with the plugin has been this bad. I work here in the SLS dept, we typically handle the more complex issues, especially the ones relating to custom code and issues/bugs with the core.

    I can help here if you want, the lead developer of this plugin is not at office at present. I can pass on any information to him if needed.

    The error message that you describe is because of a nonce mismatch. Nonces are a security measure that prevent others(subscribers/users etc) editing/modifying the message content.

    What is happening here is that a nonce is unique and expires if you reload or change anything using AJAX or use the back button or refresh during an edit. You would have experienced this with Banking Sites / Credit Card transactions etc. Simply put the server sends you a token which you are supposed to give back when you submit the content. This way it knows its the same person. In your case the server sends you the token but you change / get a new one during the editing process and when you submit the content back again the server thinks you are someone else. Hence the cheating uh message.

    I would like to know if you have modified anything with the plugin code ? Also the version number of when it worked and when it stopped ? Is your site a multisite install ?

    I am going to try and replicate the issue locally and triage and see if its a bug or a conflict. Any info you can give me will help


    PS : The folks who work front line here at support handle a variety of issues with a bunch of themes, plugins and WP itself, I really don't think "help desk jockey" does them any justice.

  • Jamin

    Thanks for your reply. I have to admit I was quite angry when I wrote that message last night.
    Apologies for the help desk jockey call.

    Moving on...

    I have a multi-site install.

    I don't know what version number ENewsletter was, but the last time the plugin worked was stated as 2014-08-04.
    I then sent out an email on 2014-10-16, but that time I didn't get any "opened by" count even though it went to about 80 people, including myself which I opened.

    I always keep plugin up to date, usually the day when the updates come out. So between those dates, it broke.

    I have not modified the plugin code. I did have a look through it to try and find the problem, but no changes were made.

    Here is the list of plugins active on the site.

    Advanced Responsive Video Embedder
    Eliminate Notify Email
    Follow up email
    Mobile App Plugin
    Revolution Slider
    Select Smart Currency Converter for Woocommerce
    Widget Saver
    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts
    WooCommerce Facebook Conversion Pixel
    WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration
    WooCommerce Pay for Payment
    WooCommerce Product Vendors
    WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping
    WordPress SEO
    WPBakery Visual Composer
    Wp Mail Bank
    WP Smush Pro

    A few other plugins are Network Activated such as Ultimate Branding, Google Analytics & Domain Mapping.

    If NONCE is the problem, what would cause the NONCE to expire so quickly?

    And the issue of the white screen when I hit send, what would cause that?

  • Jude

    Hi there Jamin,

    I would need some help with reproducing the exact error that triggers the WSOD. I spoke to a senior Dev who feels that a common function is throwing a fatal error which causes both the stats and edits to fail.

    Can you install this tool as a mu-plugin and send me the exact errors with line numbers ? You need to turn on WP-DEBUG to use the tool. Please also capture the log when you send out an email and open but stats don't reflect that (basically keep it active when this happens)

    Also if its critical to you, you can continue using the older version of the plugin till everything is fixed. Visit this link, click on changelog and select the Sept release. Simply replace the old plugin folder with what you downloaded and it should work fine. Do send us the logs before doing this.


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