I see my threads are disappearing from the ppv wall…

I see my threads are disappearing from the ppv wall… are you going to also block my membership? I have payed until the 16 of January by the way….

Your team is still ignoring my frustration and treats my issues as they never were mistreated.

I have publicly and with at least two emails reported that I’m not satisfied with your product and services.

I have given my logins a long time ago and I was ignored and also I’m not sure if Hakan or the rest have the best intentions but certainly

a) they dont answer the specific questions I put in my threads, for example facebook login works but pay per one view doesnt work, how come I get more than three times the answer that it is a pay pal issue? Why does it work with Facebook login if its a paypal issue.

b) in the twitter thread it was like talking to the wall… I have an irrelevant answer from Hakan and another irrelevant answer from Paul… who also decided out of the blue to close the thread as resolved!!!

and because c) it is the first plugin I use out of about 100 I have tested in wordpress that after two weeks of working with “support” and it is still not working!!

and d) the support is certainly not what you say it would be

so I have asked for a refund. I still havent got a reply for my request.

I searched in the net and I have found many many complains about your support and your products, a “rip-off report” and others using words like “buggy” etc so at least I know I’m not crazy.

I will not continue my co operation with your team, even if you decide not to refund me, at least I feel I got my self out of a thriller situation!

The best part is that I don’t have to do anything to you as you do it to yourselves… working so much and self destroying your reputation…

Maybe you can finally reply to me on the refund issue.