i see that with this plugin wp file aren't backuped

hi, i see that with this plugin wp file aren't backuped on google drive. This will be possible in the future?



  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello William,

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    The Snapshot Pro file can backup your site to Google Drive. All you need to do in order to do this is to

    - add Google Drive destination on "Snapshots -> Destinations" page (follow in-plugin's instructions)
    - then edit snapshot and select this newly added destination

    The plugin will then upload backup archive to your Google Drive one it's created.

    If I missed something in your questions or didn't get you right, please correct me and I'll be happy to provide you with more accurate information.

    Best regards,

  • Kootj

    in the option i can see only:
    - Do not include files
    - Include common files: Themes, Plugins, Media (photospherical.eu/wp-content/uploads)
    - Include selected files
    Themes: All active and inactive themes will be included
    Plugins: All active and inactive plugins will be included
    Media Files: wp-content/uploads
    wp-config.php - Your current wp-config.php file
    .htaccess - Your current root .htaccess / web.config file

    i can't see option for a full backup. I missing something?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Kampiandikuesto,

    Thank you for this explanation, it's all clear now!

    You're not missing anything. Snapshot doesn't backup core files because the "restore logic" is slightly different here than in case of most of the "backup kind of" plugins.

    In order to make "full" backup you you will want to select "include common files..." option or include "selected files" option (and select all avaialbe files) plugin "Include all blog database tables...".

    There are now three common "restore" scenarios:

    1. restore to the same site
    2. restore to another site
    3. restore "from scratch"

    The third case is where the core files would be necessary. This is the point where Snapshot is a bit different. To restore the site "from scratch" you will want to setup a clean (default) new WP install, install Snapshot plugin and upload archive file there. Then hitting "restore" will bring back all the settings and data, including plugins and content.

    I hope this explains things better :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Kootj

    if i have old site with not recent wp core and chose the 3th way i risk of going against the problems, isn't it?

    ex. new wp files core and old theme, plugin and wp-content files

    I need a fullbackup becouse some of my client doesn't pay for wp assistance so i doesn't update anything but i guarantee only restoring the site in case of problems. so i would not have to fix the code in case of problems.

    i use x-cloner to backup site but this don't work alway with shared hosting

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Kampianodikuesto!

    Which version of WordPress was originally used on the site? If there's not much difference between that version and current release this shouldn't be much of an issue. For example, if the original site was e.g. 4.4.2 you should be able to easily restore and even if the site seems broken at first you should then be able to perform regular updates and it should help.

    In case however this was really outdated version you may try different approach: download and setup that older version, restore and then perform update. You'll find WP download archive here:


    There's of course an assumption that Snapshot is compatible with that older release but I think these backups were made with Snapshot as well so you should be good to go. Just to make sure that we're on a same side here though: please note that Snapshot will NOT handle backup archives created with other plugins so if you're about to restore backup generated by some other tool you will want to use that tool instead of Snapshot.

    Best regards,

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