I set up the above web site and blog with Wordpress some

I set up the above web site and blog with Wordpress some time ago. I serves as an information and notification for the management, board and unit owners of our condominium corporation. I have a WMPU subscription and would like to set up a multisite network, where other condo corporations, could become subscribers and have this same service set up for their own corporation. They would be able to have a photo of their own property on their home page and post on their own, the same information under the same page format used on condonewscenter.com. I would set up a copy of my current site as a marketing home page to market the service which would be under the master name of condonewscenter.com. The subscribers would use the same name, with an extension using the name of the Corporation for identity on their home page and to facilitate email communications with their individual site.

In addition to the OWNER LIST section on the site, I would like to enable the management (or user) to send an email or telephone message to all condo owners of the list. The phone message service would require a condo corporation (user) to subscribe to CALLFIRE or some other services to enable simultaneous messaging by phone.

Would you be able to assist me in accomplishing the above based upon what I have already set up on condonewscenter.com? User name and password to this site are both the number 731.