I would like to save paid users

In normal conditions when a user buy a per view post (one shot), I can choose if it can be done by a unregistered user. It seems that a cookie is sent to the user.
Good ... but I would to configure pay per view (one shot option) with this statment :
- only a registered user can buy something
- and when a user buy something, the user can always acces to the paid post.

So wondering how to do this job

thanks a lot for your help


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey fulgence,

    Hope you're doing well today. This would require some custom development as the one-time view option will always use the cookie method whether they are logged in or not; however, I do have a workaround you may be interested in.

    What you could do is use 2 payment methods. One time payment and Period Pass.

    Enter in the description that the one-time payment option is for visitors and then for the period pass say it's for registered members(registration is required anyway) and make the period something crazy like 50 years or whatever you want - so it's essentially for the lifetime of the user.

    This will give the visitor two options. They can either do the one-time payment for limited time access or they can register first and get access to the content forever. It may result in more visitors wanting to sign up too :slight_smile:

    Let me know if that will work for you.


  • Fulgence Ridal

    Thanks Tyler for your help ... but period pass is not a very good solution in my case cos i have multiple pages with differents cost and options and it is very difficult for me to give the access to the all posts ...

    "Period Pass Visitor pays a lumpsum fee and then he/she can view all the content on the website. Visitor is required to register to the website." said the doc.

    So it means that i can not fix period pass just for one page ...

    So ready for custom development ... it seems that I can achieve my goal quite easily ... cos in transaction (submenu of per per view plugin) all informations are stored ... with user , transaction id , paid value etc.

    So what do you think a function in my template like that :
    if logged_user has paid current post->ID show the content else show per per view paiement option ...

    could you give me the way toachieve this ?

    thanks a lot Tyler


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Fulgence,

    I see what you mean.

    This would likely require custom development outside of what we can offer; however, I can flag one of our SLS staff(coding experts) and we'll get their valuable input just in-case. I can't guarantee this is something we'll provide a custom solution for.

    Keep in mind our SLS staff deal with more complex threads so may take a little longer to reply than normal.

    By the way, have you considered using Membership 2 Pro at all? You could create several different memberships for all the different content you wanted to protect and then activate the "Multiple Memberships" add-on so your signed in members can pay for as much as they want.

    You could still use Pay Per View to handle the visitors.

    Look forward to hearing back.


  • Fulgence Ridal

    Hi Tyler ...

    yes 90 % of the job is done by Membership pro 2 but for specific services I just need Pay per View. bUT Just consider the point of view of cookie (someone buy a pay per view product) ... he cannot see the article with his ipad cos i bought the product with his pc etc.
    U know I think the solution :
    "if logged_user has paid current post->ID show the content else show pay per view paiement option "
    is a very very simple solution ... just about 5 or 6 code line ... and a very useful function for this plugin ...

    But of course, if you cannot do the job I can see the code :wink:


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