I still cannot search membership plugin members by partial


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage my members. If they email or call and ask me to look at their membership status and they don’t remember their exact username or which email address, I cannot find them unless I scroll and scroll and then click the next arrow. This process is very time consuming and embarrassing. I need to be able to search their name, in part and have the results show. This simply cannot be that difficult to add. I also cannot sort by membership renewal date or start date. These are critical elements in managing this system and I’m not sure why they are not being requested by others. We depend heavily on Membership and we hope to remain a customer/member of WPMU, but we really need some member management focus. I can’t even export or get a report on the status of my members. How are we supposed to manage a business like this? Is there a plugin I’m missing? Help please.