I think I have a bogus user on our wiki. Or some kind of spam guy that uses real users names to put

What can I do to find the culprit? Banish the culprit to the lower regions of a dark dungeon?

  • marpie1
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    We are using -


    We have two users on the WIKI, Myself, and one other.

    Well, he was posting bogus WIKI pages as a sub-wiki of a single page using my name.

    So I deleted myself. … Then the bogus pages were posted under the other persons name. … So i put myself back in as a user. … And the pages were being posted as me again.

    It is not a lot of them. The last one was about 12 hours ago.

  • marpie1
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    He seems to be only posting sub-WIKIs, using my name, and when I deleted myself he used the other users name. … But sometimes the posted sub-WIKI os not even attributed to a user.

    We seem to be getting about 5 a day. I delete them, and they are gone for a while. … Right now there are zero. …

    What do you mean, "Try this out?" What would you like from me?


    Next one I see, I will shoot a screenshot and send it to you.

    By the way. … If you would like to communicate more directly, my real email address is,


    Thanks again.

  • marpie1
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    This is the way they come in. (Enclosed three screen shot files.)

    As you can see, in the view all wiki pages, there is no author.

    In the edit view, I am listed as the author. If I delete my user name from the users, A different user is listed here.

    Jack Foster Mancilla
    for hinetsupport

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