I think I'm missing something – having issues with membership levels

Hello there :slight_smile:

I’ve been banging my head on this for a bit – I’m quite stuck. I’m working on a site for a client, and she plans to sell courses online (we’re using WooCommerce for that – we have to have bundled products, etc.). She wants there to be limited-access forums that go along with each course (that’s where BuddyPress comes in).

We’re setting up the course video content as custom post types. Initially, we were using WishList Members, but the documentation is sad, the code is encrypted (?!! Isn’t that against WP’s GPL?) and the support is miserable. Then we discovered it won’t work with BuddyPress/bbPress. So I decided to give Memberships a shot.

What was nice about WishList was that we could just check a box on the post itself (as to whether or not that post should be protected), and then we could check a box (or multiple boxes) of what membership levels could access that content.

What I’m getting from Memberships is that you have to set “Access Levels”, which is fine, but I’m having seriousissues getting them to work properly. For example: I set up a “Stranger” level. It’s very basic – jut created it, and added in a “Negative” so that my Custom Post Types were inaccessible to non-logged-in visitors, using the URL Groups with regular expressions. (i.e. “http://testsite.com/courses/.+”, so anything under “courses” was “protected”.) Then I set the associated user role as BuddyPress’ “Spectator”.

This is working fine, but as soon as anyone logs in, ALL content is accessible. I tried setting up an Access Level that was associated with my category of custom post types – I basically cloned the “Stranger” level and moved the “negative” to “positive”, and changed “Spectator” to “Participant”. But what ends up happening is, when I apply this level to a user, the entire site becomes “protected” and ends up having a weird infinite redirect loop and the internet explodes.

I have no idea what I’m missing here.

In the end, what we WANT is, when someone purchases a course, they can 1) access the protected custom post type category (and all posts beneath it); 2) they have access to downloadable items that go along with the course (WooCommerce handles this); and 3) are given access to the forums that are associated with the course (this is on a limited basis – which I thought using Subscriptions would work for, since you can set access dates, but I need the access dates for the FORUMS to be limited, while the CPT access will be for forever).

I’ve read the documentation, but I’ve been following the steps, and just can’t seem to make this work.

I’m also wondering what will happen if someone buys 2 or 3 different classes at the same time – will they be able to access ALL of the associated forums and CPTs? If someone can hold my hand while I whine like a baby, I’d appreciate it :wink: (Mainly because next I have to figure out how to connect Memberships to WooCommerce. That’ll be fun.)

Any help or advice (or telling me I’m insane and can’t do this – which I hope you won’t say) would be appreciated!