I think my website

Hello, I think my website is now only using WP Smush and not WP Smush Pro. I am currently on the free trial and the Pro version was previously working. However, now I can only Smush 50 images at a time and it doesn't say the words Pro on the admin area where you Smush the images. However, when I check the plugin it says the Pro version is active. It also says on the admin area that I can upgrade to Pro. Could you please take a look to check if the Pro version is working?

Also, (a question related to Smush I think) could you please tell me if I can make all the product thumbnail images on my site the same size as each other? Some of the product images are currently either very small of very large. It looks very messy on my website. Is there away to make them all look neat? Here is an example - http://www.boobalou.co.uk/product-category/reusable-sanitary-pads/page/12/