I think that the Classifieds default image is auto sizing incorrectly?

Hi there,

I decided I to use the 'Use default image (URL):' option that's available in Classifieds / General Settings / Form Fields section.

I made sure that my default image was 150 x 150 (and checked via Media Library after upload) but when the Classifieds page appears, it seems to auto-set the img width to 200 x 150 ?

<div class="cf-image">
<img width="200" height="150" title="no image" alt="no image" class="cf-no-imege wp-post-image" src="/wp-content/uploads/classifieds.jpeg">			</div>

Which means the image appears on its own line first instead of side-by-side with the listing description fields.

Another Classifieds listing that has an image was automatically resized to 150 x 150, so I know that part is ok.

I only have this setup on my laptop at the moment as I'm waiting for my hosting setup order to complete so can't share a link to website :slight_frown:

Any ideas on how to resolve please?