I think there is something wrong with my multisite

I uploaded the default plugin to use on my site - it doesn't appear in settings so I can choose a default theme

I am trying to get the payment set up on ecommerce and all the details are correct and its not working. (I already have a support ticket open on that one)

my site tells me I have 4 themes that need upgrading and when I go to upgrade them I get this error

An error occurred while updating Blogs MU: Update package not available..

I have installed BuddyPress and I can't find it on my site. It doesn't show up and I can't figure out why. I went through the instructions and the sublinks that should be in the top bar are not there.

All of these things happened this morning (although the ecommerce error was last night) I am wondering if there is something wrong with my site or hosting?

My site is here