I think what would benifit WPMUDEV community is a roadmap.

I think what would benifit WPMUDEV ... community is a clearly defined roadmap like page that's like a check list.

Not a timeline, things are not required to be done in order. Just a little something so people can see what's done, and what's coming.

  • Jason

    I was thinking even something as simple as this:

    + Create New Road Map Page
    + List of Plugins to Enhance
    + List of Plugins to deprecate (Some have been merged in to larger plugins)
    + List of New Plugins that have been approved by uservotes
    + List of Upcoming themes
    + List of Deprecated themes
    + List of Community Enhancements

    An Icon Key for quick reading of list:
    Icon next to item shows it's status, where those plus signs are above...)

    Green Hour Glass Icon: Not actively being worked on, Current and Active.
    Yellow Triangle: Item being depreciated soon
    Little Bug: Item is being currently being bug fixed
    Other Statuses could be added if need be...

    The items could be a custom post type, and each dev could keep their own items updated, with a link to the change log and discussion.

    I long list would be easy to navigate (a single page) as paging through the plugins, or searching is not easy.

    By looking at this page, I may see a theme I'm using being deprecated or something, or see a new community feature to get excited about.
    Also, If there's new plugins or themes being developed, we could link to their discussion page to hopefully stiff conversations about the development before it's completed to help get feedback.

    Most of these things are currently being done around here, and I like that. It's the transparency that I find frustrating. It's not easy to see what's going on where and with what, and honestly no one wants to spend all day browsing parts of the forums they are not interested in on the chance of finding something interesting.

    I doubt anyone will disagree with me on at least that point.

  • Kimberly

    Hey Jason,

    Great suggestion, as usual :slight_smile:

    A roadmap would be great, but is not as simple as it sounds really. Plus it would be HUGE. We have a handful of people working across 3 different sites/companies. We use a great tracking tool called Asana to collaborate, but there are MANY branches of what we do, not just DEV.

    I would like to see something simplified so that we can perhaps have something like this for each plugin. However I think being too transparent would open us up to too much asking/complaining/griping from folks who think we are too slow, their issue is more important, that we should follow up in a different manner, that the dev is ignoring their issue, etc.

    With such a wide variety of users in our Community, (they aren't all as great as you guys :wink: it's tough to know where to draw the line.



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