I translated a part of chat plugin into french with pot

I translated a part of chat plugin into french with pot file.
I put chat-wordpres-fr_Fr.po and chat-wordpres-fr_Fr.mo into plugin/wordpres-chat/languages.

My wp config is in french withe those values : define('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');

But everything keeps in English.

Thanks for your help.

PS : I work with 3.5.2,
I refreshed my pages a lot of time, and deleted my cache, no change

  • Alexander
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    Thanks for confirming, it was reversed in your first post so I wasn't sure. Could you email the files to me? Then I could try this out on a test site and see what the issue is.

    You can email to contact [at] wpmudev.org Please include my name in the subject "Alexander Rohmann" Also, please include a link back to this thread.

    Best regards,

  • Alexander
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    Thanks for sending this info in. I've done some testing, and I can't seem to get this working either. I tried with your translation, and I tried creating my own with the latest pot file and couldn't get anything to change.

    Let me check in with the developer to see if he has any ideas here.

    Best regards,

  • Paul
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    First, I tried your language files. Was not able to get these to work with my vanilla version of WP.

    So decided to start from scratch. Here is my setup. Complete with pictures.

    1. Edit the wp-config.php. Chage the WPLANG define to 'fr_FR' Image #1

    2. Next I grabbed the default language .pot file from the chat plugin languages folder, wp-content/plugins/wordpress-chat/languages/wordpress-chat-default.pot and open with POEdit. Not sure what editor you are using. As I didn't want to translate the entire file I chose one label within wp-admin and a few for the front-end cat box. Below are the specific text I changed in my own translation:

    'Box Appearance' - is seen under Chat > Settings Page and is the first tab. See image #2

    'Sound Off', 'Close Chat', 'Clear Chat' - All are see within the gear settings menu on the chat front-end box. See image #3

    3. Below are screenshots of the actual translations within POEdit #4

    4. Within POEdit I then go to Catalog > Settings and on the popup set the new language to 'French'. See image #5. Within POEdit I then go to File > Save as. In the file save dialog I name the file 'wordpress-chat-fr_FR.po' in the languages directory. This also generates the 'wordpress-chat-fr_FR.mo' file.

    5. Now with the new language file in place and double check my wp-config.php I'm not ready to see translations.

    6. Within wp-admin I go to Chat > Settings Page and see the first tab label has been updated. See image #6

    7. Now I load the front-end page where I have a chat shortcode. Click the gear settings to see the dropdown. Also here the labels have been changed. See image #7.

    So again, I'm not sure about your translation attempt. Maybe start over with the steps above. But I can say the plugin does handle translations as far as I can tell.

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