I try to use the Q&A plugin for the main site of my


I try to use the Q&A plugin for the main site of my wordpress multisite network but some thing must be wrong in my settings and I don’t know where.

When I am not logged, I works fine and I can see all the answers and questions in my Q&A pages.

But if I log in as administrator of one of the blogs and then I try to see the Q&A pages, I am always redirected to the “Unauthorized Access Page” that has been set up in the Q&A setting page.

Do you have an idea why an administrator of one of my blog is not authorized to see Q&Q pages ?

  • Boyington
    • The Crimson Coder

    I have assigned all the rights to subscribers in the Q&A accessibility settings but the problem is still the same.

    However, if I create a ‘subscriber’ user on my main site, he has access to the Q&A page.

    So it seams that administrators of sub site are not considered as subscribers of my main site (and neither are they considered as ‘Q&A visitors’ otherwise they would also have access to the Q&A page, as the unlogged visitors do)

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @botta

    I’ve done a bit more testing on this issue and I’m quite surprised by the results.

    Even after enabling all capabilities for all user roles in the plugin settings, sub-site admins cannot view the Q&A pages when they are logged in!

    It’s got me stumped so I’m calling in the big guns and flagging the developer on this thread. Hang on…

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    IN Multisite a User can have different Roles on different sites. He may be an Administrator on site 2, but on the main site he may be a subscriber only. That’s how the become a member of a site, they are assigned a role there. Superadmin is the only user that would have site wide access of everything.

    Also a user can only be assigned one role per site. Everyone is assigned to the primary site (blog id 1) with whatever default role you set. They are not necessarily assigned a role anywhere else.

    The capabilities you assign are also only for the site you are currently on. So for each site if you want Admins to have those capabilities you have to assign it on each site

    Also questions and answers only appear on the site they were created on.

  • Boyington
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thank you for this explanation, Arnold but, as Patrick said : “Even after enabling all capabilities for all user roles in the plugin settings, sub-site admins cannot view the Q&A pages when they are logged in!”

    That means that sub-site admins are not considered as simple unloggued visitors (because simple unlogged visitors can view the Q&A page) for my site. So sub-site admins seam to have like a “special status” in my site which sounds more like a ‘plugin bug’ than a result of a normal running of wordpress roles.

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    Did you enable the capabilities in the subsite? Capabilities are per subsite. Roles are per subsite.

    I just tried.

    Create a subsite.

    Add a user to it

    Make him an Administrator

    Go to Questions > Settings in the subsite

    Set the capabilities for Administrator

    Login in as the Administrator user above

    Look at Questions.

    Works fine for me.

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    Yes if you want it on all subsites. You don’t have to activate on each site, you can just do a network activate. But the capabilities and roles are per site

    If you just want Q&A on the primary site, just activate it there. But administrators on say site 2 will not be administrators on the primary unless you make them so.

  • Boyington
    • The Crimson Coder

    Sorry to insist but I didn’t get the way to reach my goal.

    Yes, I just want :

    1) Q&A on my primary site.

    2) And I want to manage accessibility of sub site administrators to my Q&A pages.

    So I go to my primary site / Q&A accessibility settings.

    And then: how can I allow sub site administrators to see my Q&A pages ?

    (i’ve tried, as Patrick did, to assign the wholes rights to each of the roles but still : sub site administrators cannot see my Q&A pages)

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    Then for the users that are your sub site admins you need to give them a role on the Primary site that has capabilities you want them to have in Q&A

    Only activate Q&A on the primary site.

    On the primary site add each sub admin a role, say “Q&A Admin”

    Give that role the capabilities you want them to have.while you are on the Primary site.

    Then when they are logged in to the primary site they’ll see Q&A

  • Boyington
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thank you ! I followed your indications and the permission problem is solved.

    I used 2 plugins for that:

    1) “User Role Editor” : to create a ‘Q&A admin’ role with the suited capabilities

    2) “join my multisite” : to auto-add signed in users to the primary site when they visit it

    Is it the good way to do so, or could I have used some core features instead of these plugins ?

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    AS good as any other. To do it without plugins you could assign the Admins the role Contributor on the primary and give it the rights. Contributor already exists. Or one of the other possibilities depending on what other rights you want them to have.

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