I understand that it needs a higher version of php to sync

I understand that it needs a higher version of php to sync automatically and my server does not meet those.

1. I bought this plugin mainly for its ability to sync to my calendars. I am not sure how I can sync it to block unavailable time from my google calendar?

2. Also how can I get it to send me notification when somebody requests an appointment?

3. Can I get it to randomly block 20 or 30% of my time?

  • Vaughan
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    thanks for posting.

    I'm unsure regarding the PHP version. what version are you using yourself, I will have to enquire about that.

    you should be able to set the notifications in the settings page. see screenshot

    i don't think it's possible to have it randomly block time periods, that would require some customizing.

    hope this helps.


  • pxwm
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    Hi Johnmo,

    Could you please confirm what version of php you are running on your server?

    As for randomly blocking out 20/30% of your time - could you please expand on the reasons you would want to do this?

    As for email confirmation:-

    All the following settings are in the A+ 'General' tab

    1. If you have 'Auto confirm' set to 'No' then set the 'Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required' to 'Yes' and this will send admin an email confirmation that a client has made an appointment and it is 'pending'.
    You can then log-in to the A+ backend and select the 'Pending Appointments' tab and you should see the appointment the client made.

    2. If you have 'Auto Confirm' set to 'Yes' then set the 'Send Confirmation email' to 'Yes' and admin will receive an email confirming that a client had made an appointment and it has been confirmed.
    You can then log-in to the A+ backend and select the 'Active Appointments' tab and you should see the appointment the client made.
    If the client made an appointment selecting a specific service provider and you have set 'Allow service provider confirm own appointments' to 'Yes' then the service provider will also receive an email.

    Hope this helps


  • johnmo
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    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for your follow up.

    1. I am not sure and do not know how to find the php version. I use hostgator hosting
    2. I would want to randomly block times as a marketing tactic to increase urgency. More blocked time, we create scarcity and move people closer to booking time with me. This is an important factor that I would like to implement
    3. Ok. I set it to yes to get emails when a booking is made. I will test.
    4. It is really critical for me to be able to sync this plugin with google calendar. I would like to be able to automatically block scheduled times from my google calendar (whether booked through the plugin or otherwise). Automatically is preferred but manually is possible as well, if it's not too much time consuming. This was one of the main reason I bought this plugin, and if it is not resolved I would like to get a refund. But let's try to get it working first.

    Thanks for your support.

  • pxwm
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    I'll try and respond in order of feedback.

    1. Assuming you have access to a cPanel you should be able to log-in and it should probably indicate towards the bottom of the page. if it isn't clear then you may have to contact your hosting provider.

    2. You can certainly block time out either by making appointments yourself in the A+ front end or backend or through your google calendar. However there isn't a method within the current version to achieve this randomly so you would either have to write some bespoke code or block out the time manually.
    If you wanted to achieve bookings from the A+ front end then suggest you create some services with different time durations and then book away for the date and times you wish to block. This is probably a safer way than using the A+ backend as you risk double booking.
    If you wanted to achieve through your google calendar then you will have to create a google API by following the instructions contained within the 'i' icon in the 'Google Calendar' tab.
    If you just want a main google calendar then configure as follows:-

    ['Allow Service Providers for Google Calendar API Integration' set to 'No']
    ['Appointments will be sent to Google Calendar for' - this setting will depend if you have more than one service provider or if you allow your clients to select specific service providers]
    ['Integration Mode' - you need to select as 'A+ <-> GCal (synchronization)']
    ['Key file name' + 'Service account email address' + 'Calendar to be used' set these three as per the 'i' instructions]
    ['Event summary (name)' + 'Event description' set these two depending on what information your require to be sent to your google calendar.

    Please let me know how you get on


  • johnmo
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    Although it is a nice plugin, it is not delivering what I want from it. I don't have time to check version & updates and I stay away from coding. I like to keep things simple.

    I don't think my php is up to date for syncing to work and I would like to ask for a refund as the plugin is not helping me have everything synced, which was the main reason I bought.

    Please let me know when you process it.

    Thank you.

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