I used admin menu editor like recommended and not getting results

I wanted to restrict certain menu items from showing depending on my users roles to the SUB SITES THAT THEY CREATE.

I was told to user user role editor or admin menu editor.
I could not make user role editor work so I gave admin menu editor a shot.

They do not work. I got rid of User Role Editor and am solely using the Admin Menu Editor Plugin. I gave the admin the menu items I want them to have however it shows everything when they create their own subsites as admins.

It works for my main site that it is set up on. It does not pass the settings over to any newly created sites created by my users.

How do I make this plugin (Admin Menu Editor) work the way that I want it?

P.s. I installed it via ftp for multisite using the mu folder. I also have the pro version. This better work.