I want to build a site with similar functionality as Tutsplus.com

I wan to build a site with similar functionality as Tutsplus.com but I'm not sure how to set this up. I thought I could simply create the pages I want in my WP dashboard, then set up categories for each page, and set up Autoblog RSS feeds for each category on each page. I downloaded the autoblog plugin, but I dont see where I can send a feed to a specific category on a specific page. For that matter, how do I put certain categories on certain pages? It's my first day here, so forgive me if this has been addressed somewhere else. I will continue to look for the answer here in the forum

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    Hello Ray and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Assuming I understand you correctly, I think you'd find it much easier to simply rely on the category archives to list the posts by category, no? With that, you could create separate feeds that are posted to specific categories and use the category archives to access them. Have you considered that?

    Also, if you'd like to get a homepage that somewhat mimics the current TutsPlus site, you might want to consider using a theme that's got a lot of widget areas and simply place Category Posts widgets in a bunch of those spots.

    You could also use the following tutorial to help you add widget areas to your existing theme:


  • Ray
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    Thank David but I am so new to all of this that all of your suggestions look like a foreign language. I also watched the tutorial that you suggested and I was lost. I dont know anything about code or html or any of that. I might just be a little in over my head with all of this. But thanks for the reply

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    That's completely understandable Ray, but maybe we can help you get started with a few things and see how that goes for you. If you'd like to know more about all these things, including WordPress in general, you can start with the very basics using the online manuals here.

    When it comes down to it, you don't need to know code. Knowing code helps to get things customized, though. If you'd be happy with things working as they do by default, we'll see about getting that sorted for you.

    And an Autoblog setup shouldn't be very difficult there.

    So, let's say you have all the feeds you'd like to start with. If you'd like to begin with just one, and create a feed using Autoblog, maybe we can take it from there?

    To get that started, you can simply navigate to Autoblog > Edit feeds where you'll see the Add New button. From there, you'll have a full page of options to customize how you'd like to import this RSS feed.

    If you'd like to start simply from there and let us know any specific questions you have on that screen, we can get those answered for you.

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    Hiya Ray,

    As we haven't heard back from you we're going to assume the problem
    was sorted out and mark this ticket as resolved.

    If it wasn't resolved, or you have any more questions related to this
    thread please feel free to post them below and tick the 'Mark as Not
    Resolved (re-open)' box below the post area (or else we'll miss it!)

    Otherwise, thanks for using the forums, and for being a member of WPMU
    DEV, it's a pleasure to help you out and we look forward to being of
    assistance in the future.


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