I want a list of logged in users to private chat immediately without "friends" request.

Hi, really enjoy your plugin. Bought Friends plugin also. But what I need is this: I want a list of all online users (I do not mean the user list in live chat) and I want all online users to be able to Private chat all online users immediately, selecting one of them from the list without "friends" request. Got a private site and my users are familiar with each other already so inviting everyone with a friend request is simply too much work and not an option. Is this possible to achieve? Maybe with custom code?

Like to hear from you, thanks!

Regards, Stephen

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, Stephen!

    I think your vision of Chat would take some custom code, you can find a great dev who might be able to help you on our Jobs Board.

    As for a current members online list, I know this can be done with BuddyPress, they have a widget that shows who is currently online. Ideally, a developer-for-hire could link the chat option to user profiles, so anyone could private chat with anyone else on the site.

    Hope this is helpful, going to move this to the Features & Feedback forum.

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