I want to add members manually

Hi, I want to manually add users (as you cant import them in this plugin).

I only have 130 members to import and trying to find a bulk import option will be much more hassle than just adding them myself manually.

At the moment, I cant find a way to add a user manually without going through the registration process through the front-end regsitration page. As the users I am importing will be added initially as free users which will expire after a period of time and move to the yearly fee. I can add the temporary subscription plans but they show on the front end registration form. Having these membership options on the register page is no good for me – I only want admins to be able to add these free memberships. I notice you can make the subscription plan public or private in the settings. The private option seems to be what I am after but the subscription is not available on the registeration forms, even if you are admin. I have also tried adding the user via wordpress’ own add user – you cannot then set this as a membership member though. Is there a way of manually adding users as an admin?